March 2023

The latest improvements and fixes for the App Catalog

✨ New

App Catalog Customer Portal

Customers can now request access to the brand new App Catalog Customer Portal and gain insight in you app landscape. Quickly see the install and update graphs and check how many request were made for specific apps. If you received an invite, sign up and login at


  • You can now set a Reference in the Configuration Profile. When this optional key is set, computers associated with this Reference will be grouped and can be filtered in the App Catalog Customer Portal
  • App updates that require user interaction to successfully update can now be deferred 3 times. After that, the user can no longer defer and the update will be applied. Previously the user could defer indefinitely
  • User Notifications are now localized in Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish.
  • The App Catalog now has over 850 apps!

🛠 Fixed

Catalog Agent & Catalog App


  • Bug fixes
Last modified 11mo ago