March 2024

The latest improvements and fixes for the App Catalog

👀 Changed

Catalog Agent & Catalog App


  • Several code changes to prepare for an upcoming integration with the Root3 Support App

🛠 Fixed


  • Several server side improvements


  • Sample scripts are now updated to the new shebang #!/bin/zsh --no-rcs

Catalog Agent & Catalog App


  • A fix was implemented to resolve CVE-2024-27301 where a local actor could modify the .zshenv file in the user's home folder and have code executed as root as part of the PKG installer or by running the Catalog Agent

  • A typo was fixed for the key AllowUpdatesConstrainedNetworks. Previously this key was mispelled as AllowUpdatesContrainedNetworks. Both keys are still valid to maintain compatibility

  • German localization updates

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